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Welcome to Twin Cities Beehive!
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Welcome to the Twin Cities Beehive - a website that lists local and national resources about jobs, school, housing, money, and health. It also has great tools that can help you build your budget, write your resume and more. Click on any of the buttons above to get started finding the resources and information most important to you.

We also have two neighborhood Beehive sites:

Visit the East St. Paul Beehive

Visit the South Minneapolis Beehive

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The Beehive is a non-profit website with one goal:

To help you improve your daily life with the latest and best free help, information and resources available on the Internet.

We do this with practical; easy to understand how-to help, and links to the best free online resources based on our expert Editor reviews. Please click on the links below to go directly to where you need help, have problems, or have questions.

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